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Similar to an Reverse Osmosis system under your sink, our Poolwater Purification Products© system is 100 times larger to process the water in your pool. There are 13 membranes that filter and clean the water. Your tile will sparkle as we clean the water - no more acid wash, or hours of pumice scrubbing!

What is Poolwater Purification?

  • Our Poolwater Purification Process revitalizes the beauty of your swimming pool.
  • Our Poolwater Purification Process recycles and conserves your swimming pool water.
  • We make it healthier by reducing the amount of unwanted contaminants' in your swimming pool water, that is caused by evaporation.
  • Clean water means a healthier swimming experience.

Why should I use Poolwater Purification?
You will save money by:
1. No longer draining your pool
2. No more acid washing the plaster
3. No more cleaning the tile
4. You will use less chemicals

Our Poolwater Purification process concentrates on the solutions to these problems. One of the problems is water evaporation. If you want to know how evaporation affects your swimming pool, watch our video.

Our Poolwater Purification Products © system not only restores the looks of your swimming pool, but improves the longevity of its interior finish. We can do all of this without draining your swimming pool. Your swimming pool can again look like new.

Do you realize how much evaporation affects the quality of water in your swimming pool?

  • The Arizona Metrological Network recorded from 1958 - 1977, the evaporation rate at Davis Dam, which is outside of Bullhead City, AZ, at 154 inches.
  • When water in your swimming pool evaporates, it gets salty, and it's less comfortable to swim in. This combination causes a deterioration of the swimming pool environment.
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